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Pure Strength training pushes the limits

Posted By Karen Young On July 30, 2009 @ 11:58 pm In Fitness,Lifestyle,My Daily Find,spotlight | No Comments


In a quiet corner of a Studio City shopping center, between a doctor’s office and a chocolate shop, sits what seems to be a “gym,” but is actually a professional fitness facility.

For the last six years, Pure Strength has grown to become the most sought after private fitness experience. This “hidden gem,” as described by one client, has grown through word of mouth referrals by its loyal and dedicated members.  Melissa Gunn, owner and lead instructor, along with her team, guide individual sessions in their unique approach to fitness training called “Super Slow.”


Pure Strength owner Melissa Gunn coaches writer Shelley Boyle.

It’s a strength training technique in which, with the help of weights, you push the muscles to the point of failure.  The benefit of this technique is that you only have to train once a week for twenty minutes.  Gunn says that “because the body is being taken to a point beyond exhaustion, it needs time to recover, and with that recovery the muscles are actually able to overcompensate and become stronger and leaner.”  The high intensity, mixed with an extended rest period, forces the muscles to get stronger and more efficient.  With the increased efficiency, the muscles have a greater increase in their metabolic activity, leading to efficient weight loss.

Melissa and all of her instructors create a comfortable and friendly environment. The moment you walk in that it is your time to dedicate to your body’s needs. Each program is uniquely designed for you; your body, your health, your exercise level. But make no mistake, due to their advanced knowledge of the body and Kinesiology they know exactly where to guide and push you to get maximum results at each visit.

The workout can be tough.  The point is to take our bodies to failure, which we often do not do in most workouts at a gym.  So, there is a guarantee at some point during the workout you will, quite literally, not be able to move a muscle.  And, the subsequent shaking lasts for a bit longer after the workout has finished.  But the good news is that you only have to deal with that once a week.  Unbelievably, with that, many of the clients report back on major body changes from getting more toned and stronger, to losing anywhere from 20-30 pounds, and one person reported back losing up to 11% of their body fat.


Pure Strength sits between a chocolate store and a doctor's office, below California Pizza Kitchen in Studio City.

In addition, as an environmentalist, it has always been difficult to justify a gym; the rows of machines all plugged into electrical outlets, the AC blasting, the TV’s on 24/7, and the water used to keep the place clean and driving there everyday.  The one thing that stood out is the eco-friendly nature of Pure Strength; none of the equipment is plugged in, the AC is only running when clients are being trained, and because you only have to go once a week you use less gas. It is a nice balance of taking care of yourself and your environment.

Like any type of fitness routine, there will be those that question the validity of the exercise program.  That’s why every experienced trainer will suggest two or three sessions to see how your body responds to this regimen. Results speak for themselves… and if the feedback from the Pure Strength clients is a measure, then there is no denying the benefits that Melissa and her team provide.

Pure Strength www.purestrengthla.com 12265 Ventura Blvd, #106 Studio City CA 91604 818.487.7873

Shelley Boyle used to be a biochemist until her interests lead her  into environmental journalism. She spends her time as the creator of  a blog dedicated to information about global warming and environmental  health science, www.thegoldenspiral.org, as well as contributing to  other sites by finding and reporting on the best “green” resources  through out the city.

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