Rachel Pally designs unique classics for every woman

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This is the story of the girl next door.

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved putting on a beautiful dress. But finding a dress that you love to wear because of the way it looks, does not often go hand in hand with actually how it feels on your skin.

Rachel Pally

Rachel Pally

For me, combining the worlds of soft and cozy with beauty and sophistication, is quite rare. Never would I have imagined that the girl living in the house next door to me, when I was young, would be the one to create one of the softest, sexiest, feminine designs available today for women.

That beautiful girl next door is designer Rachel Pally.

A San Fernando Valley native, Pally has introduced a uniquely vibrant, classic and casual elegance to Los Angeles fashion. A graduate of University of California at Berkeley, Pally minored in dance, and it is that background that cultivated her love for design.

Having fallen in love with the fluidity of movement through the human form, Pally celebrates this concept by allowing her customer to find a balance between the fantasy of fashion and the reality of life.

Jersey, being Rachel Pally’s prime element, has evolved drastically in the past years from its origin as the tee, to a highly fashionable design material that makes up her inimitable style.

Using buttery soft fabrics, Rachel has mastered the ability to unite simplicity with glamour. To me, a dress that highlights you in your truest, simplest form will always be the most beautiful one as well. Rachel Pally makes the kind of comfortable pieces that are the building blocks of a wardrobe.

Jewel wearing Rachel Pally.

Jewel wearing Rachel Pally. Photos: Chris Weeks/Wire Image

“I make the pieces with lots of bodies in mind, thinking about where each piece should cling and where it should be loose,” explains Pally. “I have a good of idea of what looks flattering and how clothing should move. I want my designs to be captivating to watch…to be swishy and cling in just the right places.”

Recently, Dita Von Teese hosted a luncheon at Chateau Marmont in honor of Rachel Pally’s Fall 2009 line. Among those wearing Rachel’s graceful style at the luncheon were Jewel, Sophia Bush, and Kristin Bell. Other loyal fans include Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Simpson. Oprah included Pally’s unique designs on her list of “My Favorite Things.”

Rachel Pally and Dita Von Teese, who recently hosted a luncheon for Pally at the Chateau Marmont.

Rachel Pally and Dita Von Teese, who recently hosted a luncheon for Rachel Pally's Fall 2009 line at the Chateau Marmont.

Much of Pally’s inspiration comes from movies and dance…observing the likes of Catherine Deneuve and Martha Graham.

“These are modern, classic women who carry themselves with grace-they exude confidence. I want my clothes to move on bodies with that grace,” she explains. “I don’t design for magazines, I design for women.”

Ok, so I wasn’t the “girl next door” in this particular story. However, I did live next to “the girl next door” – Rachel Pally – who would design the clothing I put on, to be the girl, and woman, I like to be.

Rachel Pally is available at over 200 stores nationwide, including Belle Grey in Sherman Oaks, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and on line at ShopBop.com You can also go online at www.rachelpally.com

Rachel Pally Warehouse is hosting a very special Two Weekend Sale open to the public featuring Spring and Summer ’09 and pre-Spring ’09 and previous selections including White Label: August 14 10am-7pm, August 15 10am-6pm, August 16, 11am-5pm and August 21 10am-7pm, August 22 10am-6pm, August 23 11am-5pm. 2301 E. 7th Street, Suite C100 Los Angeles, CA 90023

Allison Rae Marsh is a Studio City based fashion/ wardrobe stylist with an eclectic celebrity clientele. She is available for style consultations or personal shopping. She can be contacted at allisonrae@mac.com. Follow her on twitter @ allisonraestyle.

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