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Celebrities find the same places we do! And we find them! Have any star sightings in the 818? Contact us! Tell us who you saw!

Here’s who we found…

Megan Fox at SweethartsMelissa Joan Hart’s (aka a new “Dancing With The Stars” contestant) dessert and candy emporium in Sherman Oaks,  for the second time in a few weeks. Guess she doesn’t worry about her 22 ” waist.  Who said life is fair?

Neil Patrick Harris checking out Macs at the Apple Store at the Westfield Shopping Center.

Midway from the Valley to the City — SNL’s Andy Samberg dining at Pace in Laurel Canyon. He couldn’t have been nicer to a group of kids celebrating a 16th birthday.

Jermaine Jackson grabbing coffee at Starbucks in Encino at Hayvenhurst near the Jackson compound.  The unknowing barista asked for his name as she took  his order.

Jon Lovitz and Kevin Federline hitting the driving range at  Weddington Golf and Tennis.   Not with each other and at two separate times.

David Cassidy eating dinner at Stanley’s in Sherman Oaks.

Billy Ray Cyrus driving out of the parking lot at the Gap, CVS, Banana Republic parking lot in Studio City. His perfectly coiffed goatee clearly visible beneath black tinted windows.

At least ten paparazzi hounded Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel as they walked south of Ventura Boulevard on Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

Jason Biggs getting a quick bite at  Sushi Don in Studio City before driving away in his black Porsche SUV.

Hannah Montana’s Cody Linley (Jake Ryan) shooting hoops at North Hollywood Park.

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