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carole rosner90BY CAROLE ROSNER

I’ve walked into many stores where the fragrances are so strong my eyes water, my head hurts, and I just want to leave as soon as possible.  But stepping into the sunlit, white-walled Pure Sense by Paula in Studio City is like a breath of fresh air. This custom-blend, bath and body shop, with products for both men and women, is filled with luxurious, handmade products which actually smell good. The scent isn’t overpowering because all the goods are fragrance-free until the customer chooses his or her personal scent to blend into them.

Paula  Photos by Carole Rosner

Pure Sense owner Paula Naples Photos by Carole Rosner

You may have seen Pure Sense by Paula while walking on Ventura Place at the Studio City Farmer’s Market.  The 1,000-square-foot store is filled wall-to-wall with sugar scrubs, soy candles, room sprays, bath oils and more. Whether you want to feel relaxed, rejuvenated or energized, there’s something here for everyone.

Paula’s original store was in Tujunga Village until she moved Pure Sense to Ventura Place five years ago. “I love it here—we can see Ventura Blvd., there’s plenty of parking and the Farmer’s Market is the best,”  said Paula.

,,,,   Photo: Courtesy Pure Sense by Paula

Custom blend your own selection of body products for men and women. Photo: Paula Naples

There are a plethora of  Pure Sense Essential Oils from which to choose, including white tea and ginger, pomegranate, pink grapefruit, lavender, and tuberose. Other popular scents are seasonal favorites (pumpkin spice and pine cedar wood) and China Blends® such as Lily, Rain and Moss.

“There are a zillion combinations of scents  to   truly create your own signature fragrance,” said Paula, who has a national certification in holistic aroma therapy and is a trained massage therapist.

She first started in the “lotions and potions” business by making bath gels for the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Ray.  She  understands the benefits of each of her ingredients and easily explains the differences. Her best-selling soy candles differ drastically from typical paraffin wax candles. Pure Sense candles burn up to 65 hours (that’s 30-40% longer); they are non-toxic and won’t discolor fabrics or walls. Pure Sense items contain no alcohol, mineral oil or petroleum products and are not tested on animals.


Stepping into the sunlit, white-walled Pure Sense store in Studio City is like a breath of fresh air.

Pure Sense has a brand new, easy-to-navigate website ( too. If you can’t make it into the store, you can custom blend your scent online.  Paula also sells her products wholesale (she provides the candles for the floral arrangements from Mark’s Gardens in Sherman Oaks) and does private-label orders. The body soufflés, stress-relief products and bath salts make wonderful gifts or party favors. In fact, she  provided soy candles for Matthew Perry’s birthday party this past summer.

Pure Sense is the perfect place to go for products to help reduce  stress, relieve  colds and energize your spirit– without an artificial fragrance overload or breaking the bank in the meantime.

The are an endless

Pure Sense essential oils can combine into a practically limitless amount of personalized scents.

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Pure Sense www.puresensebypaula.com12047 Ventura Place Studio City, CA 91604 (818)760-0226 Hours: closed Mondays Tues-Friday: 11:15am-6:30pm Saturdays: 11:15am-6pm Sunday: 9am -1:30pm and a stall at Farmer’s Market Studio City

Carole Rosner is a native Valley Girl who has lived in Studio City for the past 11 years. She is a strong supporter of her local public schools and an active volunteer in her neighborhood. Some of her favorite things to do in Studio City are to celebrate 4th of July at CBS Radford, walk along Ventura Blvd. and browse through the racks at Crossroads Trading Company.

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