MY FOUR-LEGGED FINDS: Adopt an animal friend

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rachelweil90BY RACHEL WEIL

Dumped…dumped again. Animals are left abandoned in homes or dumped at the shelters every day. Moving, behavior issues, financial difficulties…all reasons pets are left behind. Now-a-days there are answers for all your worries so there is no need to get rid of your four-legged pal.

Moving to a place that doesn’t allow pets? Don’t! There are many companies out there to help you find an affordable place that lets you bring along your furry friend. Can’t afford that surgery for Fido? Get help! There are numerous groups that assist people in need who can’t afford medical care for their animals. Finding smelly surprises? Call a pet behaviorist. Most problems with pets are very easy to resolve once you understand the cause of their bad behavior. Don’t give up on your pet. They never give up on you!

Some four-legged finds in need …

East Valley Animal Care Center 14409 Vanowen St, Van Nuys, CA 91405 818-756-9323



Impound # 1069860 Calico Domestic Short Hair Cat 4 mo, 3 lbs I’m Sarah and as beautiful as can be. I was dumped at the shelter because my mom had too many kittens so we all got the boot. Now I have to stay in the shelter which is very depressing. I do love my shelter-mates though and love, LOVE people. Please come adopt me. I’m very lonely in here and want nothing more than a lifetime companion.



Impound # 1069704 Bunny 8 mo, 3 lbs My name is Honeycomb. I’m very pretty and am looking for someone to love. My previous home didn’t take care of me. They said they didn’t want to be responsible for my well-being so I got dumped. I love everyone I meet and especially love being hugged. Please don’t forget about me, bunnies need homes too.



Impound # 1071822 German Shepherd Mix 1 yr, 34 lbs I’m Candi and am STUNNING. I was dumped at the shelter because my previous guardian didn’t want to take care of me anymore. They left me in the yard all day so I would escape. What do you expect when you leave me alone and never give me attention! I’m incredibly sweet, love walks, am great with dogs and LOVE all humans. I’m quite playful and am looking for someone to love me forever!



Impound # 0706164 Shih Tzu 6 yrs young, 16 lbs How cute am I? I’m Rooney—a very handsome little guy. I was dumped because my guardian thought I deserved a better home. Her grandkids picked on me and played too rough. I am a total love bug, a lap dog, your shadow and loyal companion for life! I love all animals and people and need to find a forever friend.

More great treasures…

West Valley Animal Care Center, 20655 Plummer St  Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-756-9325



9 yrs young, 80 pounds I’m Coco, a gorgeous shepherd and have been at the shelter an entire month! I was found as a stray and my parents never came to get me when notified. How could they leave me here? I LOVE all humans, kids too. I’m all alone in a kennel and am very lonely. I don’t know how much longer I have. Please come adopt me. I’m longing for a good home and have so much love to give! Won’t you save me?

No name

No name

Impound # 1071832 Terrier Mix 1 yr, 11 lbs. I’m a cute little guy with no name who came to the shelter as a stray. I need a good grooming but am told I’m still so handsome. I love ALL animals and humans I meet. I’m the perfect companion. Please come adopt me.



Impound # 1061759 Brown Tabby Short Hair Cat 3 yrs, 12 lbs I’m Murphy a handsome cat who was found on the streets all alone. I remind people of Garfield with my round cheeks! I just love people and spend my time at the shelter walking around the cat room making new friends. I would rather be in a home though, so please come and adopt me. I’ve been at the shelter too long



Impound # 1056898 Brown Tabby Short Hair Cat 7mo, 4 lbs I’m Alex and am GORGEOUS. I was a stray and have been at the shelter for 2 months!! I’m tiny and just a baby, but no one has adopted me yet. I may be running out of time. Please rescue me. I love other cats and people. I’ll make a perfect friend for life!

For more pets in need of homes, please visit If you’d like to foster an animal, please contact for information.

Rachel Weil has established a successful 13-year reputation in publicity adept in a cross-section of public relation disciplines. She has published articles on behalf of her clients, and is a sought out speaker at events, conferences, community audiences and panel discussions relating to public relations. She is also committed to giving back to the community, supporting many charities through her business and as an individual. Animal welfare is her greatest cause. Weil Public Relations is located in Sherman Oaks, CA. Rachel can be contacted directly at

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  • Jackie Houchin

    Awww, they are too cute. I am so tempted! But I have 3 rescued cats already and my hubby says, “NO!”

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