Jeannie’s Homemade Candies: a must-eat, must-gift for the holidays and beyond

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carole rosner90BY CAROLE ROSNER

“We’ve yet to have anyone taste this that hasn’t been wild about it!”

That’s a pretty bold statement, but once I bit into a piece of Jeannie’s Homemade Candies, I see what co-owners Jeannie Alan and Sheri Adams are talking about.


Co-owners Jeannie Alan and Sheri Adams

This candy-cookie-crispy-crunchy treat is hard to describe. Jeannie says “people just moan” when they take a bite — and I know I did the same thing.

These two best friends launched Jeannie’s Homemade Candies in November 2008 with a goal to make people happy.

Eleven years ago Jeannie was diagnosed with cancer and went through many grueling treatments. Although she was in a lot of pain, Jeannie wanted to do something that made her feel strong and alive. She  said she always loved baking and cooking and tried her hand at candy making, wrapping up her goodies and giving them to friends and family. She loved watching people’s reactions when they tried the candy. Her friends and family were happy and Jeannie was happy. With words of encouragement and support, and renewed health, Jeannie decided to pursue a new life path.

Coconut-almond crunch.

Coconut-almond Crunch.

Although Jeannie and Sheri felt the original candy recipe was good, they tinkered with it for three years before being completely satisfied.

Made in small batches with top quality ingredients, Jeannie’s Homemade Candies are currently available in six flavors—but more are on the horizon.

Orange zest.

Orange Zest Crunch.

“Everything we make takes us back into our memories,” Sheri said.

I asked what the most popular flavor is and Jeannie and Sheri said it’s really an individual choice. With flavors like Peppermint Crunch (coated in light toffee, semi-sweet chocolate, peppermint candy and white chocolate swirls), S’mores Crunch (decked out with light toffee, semi-sweet chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers), Coconut Almond Crunch (a gourmet Almond Joy with  toffee, coconut and almond), Orange Zest Crunch  (chocolate, toffee and orange zest  mix together sophisticatedly with the perfect amount of palate pizazz), Pistachio Crunch ( a perfectly sweet and salty mix of toffee and nuts without chocolate) and Coconut Crunch (semi-sweet chocolate, toffee and coconut are decadently drizzled with white chocolate),  it’s certainly difficult to choose.


S'mores Crunch.

Perfect for holiday gift-giving near and far, the candy is individually wrapped for freshness in 1/3 pound clear glycine bags (you can mix and match any flavor you’d like) and then boxed and bowed with adorable turquoise and brown packaging of various sizes.  Prices start at $17.50 for a one flavor bag to $62.50 for a six flavor box.  Corporate baskets and party platters are also available.

By combining Sheri’s work experience (she’s helmed many successful companies including an on-line gourmet chocolate shop) and Jeannie’s creative skills, this homegrown business is destined for success.

Gift basket.

Corporate gift baskets are available.

And their candy?  It definitely flies off the “moan” charts— it’s truly delicious.

In gratitude for the comfort and help Jeannie received from weSPARK Cancer Support Group in Sherman Oaks, Jeannie’s Homemade Candies donates a percentage of every sale to weSPARK.

To place and order or for further information about Jeannie’s Homemade Candies: 818.905.0319

Carole Rosner is a native Valley Girl who has lived in Studio City for the past 11 years. She is a strong supporter of her local public schools and an active volunteer in her neighborhood. Some of her favorite things to do in Studio City are to celebrate 4th of July at CBS Radford, walk along Ventura Blvd. and browse through the racks at Crossroads Trading Company.

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