14th Annual LADWP Griffith Park Light Festival shines brighter than ever

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The 14th Annual Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Lights Festival is bigger than ever this year in Griffith Park. Either drive the course (off of Los Feliz) or park at the zoo and walk the mile stretch each way. Shuttles are also available.

See such destinations as Los Angeles International Airport, the Port of Los Angeles, Staples Center, the Hollywood Bowl and Venice/Muscle Beach, as well as a salute to the American West, City Hall and more.  Make sure to get there on the early side or the wait can be hours. It runs through December 30 from 5-10 pm nightly. (See directions below)  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


To drive through the Light Festival: Exit the Golden State Fwy. (5) at Los Feliz. Go west on Los Feliz and turn right onto Crystal Springs Drive and proceed to the entrance of the Light Festival. To view the Light Festival by foot on the walking path, park at the L.A. Zoo. To Walk: Park on the south side of the L.A. Zoo parking lot and proceed down the walking path along Crystal Springs Drive. Pedestrian visitors should dress warmly. Shuttle (Zoo Parking Lot ) bus will depart continuously from the Zoo parking lot. For further info, www.dwplightfestival.com

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