Plush Puffs: Gourmet marshmallows take center stage

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carole rosner90BY CAROLE ROSNER

Vanilla Bean, Caramel Swirl, Toasted Coconut and Chocolate Chipetta—these aren’t the newest flavors of trendy frozen yogurt or expensive coffee drinks. They are, however, some of the flavors of Plush Puffs®—light-as-air, melt-in-your-mouth, “oh my god, these are amazing!” gourmet marshmallows.

“We might just get someone’s attention at Kraft Foods,”  said Ann Hickey, culinary expert, personal chef and President of Plush Puffs,  with a smile.  Traditional marshmallows don’t have a chance against these high quality, all natural, gluten free, fat free, no corn syrup added, artisan marshmallows.

Ann Hickey, President of Plush Puffs. Photo: Carole Rosner

Ann Hickey, President of Plush Puffs. Photo: Carole Rosner


The idea for Plush Puffs, which is based in Sherman Oaks, started years ago when Ann and a chef friend tried to make a pumpkin flavored marshmallow for the friend’s son. Although that flavor didn’t work out at the time, after much trial and error, a toasted coconut marshmallow was born. Ann officially launched Plush Puffs in 2004 and brought on partner Justin Leavens to help manage the numbers part of the business. Since then, Plush Puffs has been getting lots of attention, and after one bite, I can understand why.

Vanilla smore.

Vanilla S'mores. Courtesy: Plush Puffs


There are currently seven delicious flavors of Plush Puffs (the others are Peppi-Mint, Simply S’mores, and Luscious Lemony Meringue) with one limited edition flavor (Sydney’s Cinnamon). New flavors are always in development—there will be Maple Bacon Plush Puffs (a sweet and savory treat with crumbled brown sugar glazed bacon) in March and a Chocolate Chile flavor shortly thereafter. To make Plush Puffs even more decadent, Ann said they are starting to “enrobe” (that means completely cover) the marshmallows in top-of-the-line Callebaut chocolate!

Caramel dipped Puff.

Caramel-dipped Puff. Courtesy: Plush Puffs


“As a candy fanatic and marshmallow aficionado, I was so excited when I discovered Plush Puffs. Their flavors are so intense; when Chocolate Chipetta is toasted it is like liquid chocolate, and their Caramel Swirl has actual ribbons of caramel,” said Chef Amy Jurist, owner of Amy’s Culinary Adventures.

Caramel fondue.

Caramel fondue. Courtesy: Plush Puffs


You can buy your own bag of Plush Puffs from the website ( and at Southern California Whole Foods Markets, Vicente Foods in Brentwood and Henry Road in Studio City. Suggested retail price is $5.99 for a 4oz. package (16-18 pieces), $12.99 for a one pound package (60-70 pieces) and $23.99 for “The Big One”—a 2 pound marshmallow.

Local cafes use Puffs in their beverages.

Local cafes use Puffs in their hot and cold beverages. Courtesy: Plush Puffs


Many businesses around town use Plush Puffs too. Aroma Café in Studio City puts them in their hot drinks; Starbucks/Seattle’s Best topped their drinks this summer with Plush Puffs and sold them by the bag during the holidays; Omni Hotels and The Four Seasons Las Vegas uses Sydney’s Cinnamon Plush Puffs in their chocolate fountains and hot drinks; the hip SLS Hotel Downtown L.A. offers them in their in-room mini bars and The Border Grill Restaurants created an entire dessert out of Plush Puffs.

A flavor for every palate.

A flavor for every palate. Courtesy: Plush Puffs


Plush Puffs are great eaten straight out of the bag, and the flavor really intensifies when they are roasted or melted. Simple, fun recipes are available on-line too.

Plush Puffs® Gourmet Marshmallows Available on line and at retail stores

Ice cream topper.

Ice cream topper. Courtesy: Plush Puffs


Carole Rosner is a native Valley Girl who took the school bus with Michael and Janet Jackson and worked at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in its heyday. She likes to spend her free time finding bargains at Crossroads Trading Company, eating Chinese chicken salad at Stanley’s and admiring the view from Fryman Canyon. Check out her new blog:—reading, watching and eating.

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