The Weekend Cocktail: Super Bowl Cheers

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gwen-headshot-110x110BY GWEN KENNEALLY

Here are some fun cocktails for the Super Bowl. Even if you are not really into the game you can enjoy a Sunday evening with friends and family.

Quarterback Sack Drink Recipe

football3502 oz Gin

2 oz Vodka

1 oz Triple Sec

4 oz Bloody Mary Mix

Splash tonic water

Suueez of limejuice

Fill a mixing glass with ice combine all ingredients except tonic water, shake and strain into four shot glasses. Top with tonic water. (Makes four 1 1/2-ounce servings.) Omit the 3 liquors for a nonalcoholic version.

First and Ten Drink Recipe

3 oz gin

2 oz orange juice

2 oz pineapple juice

2 oz grapefruit juice

2 oz cranberry juice

2 oz lemon juice

2 oz limejuice

Dash grenadine

Soda water or seltzer

Dark rum

Combine all fruit juices and gin in a large shaker half filled with ice and strain into two Collins glasses filled with ice. Top with a splash of grenadine, soda water and dark rum. If you want a tropical cocktail with out the punch leave out the gin and rum.

Touchdown Drink Recipe

4 oz bourbon

8 oz lemonade

8 oz iced tea (unsweetened)

Combine bourbon with iced tea in a mixing glass filled with ice, then strain equal parts into two glasses filled with ice. Lastly top with lemonade. If you want a nonalcoholic version have a traditional mix of ice tea and lemonade, an Arnie Palmer.

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