Chicks with Knives offers a private supper club and cooking classes

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Good food is hot in L.A. right now — not hot as in temperature, but hot as in popular.  As noted by the popularity of  gourmet food trucks and number of restaurant openings,  the consumption of good food is as important for nourishment as it is for social interaction.

Potato soup with potato chip garnish. All photos courtesy: Chicks with Knives

Enter Chicks with Knives — a private supper club (and cooking classes) that offers “real life social networking” with a gourmet twist. Chefs Rachael Narins and Suzanne Griswold prepare four course meals at private homes around town using S.L.O.E. ingredients–100% sustainable, locally grown, organic, and ethical (that’s food produced on small farms with humane treatment of the animals).

Rachael Narins and Suzanne Griswold are Chicks with Knives.

Rachael and Suzanne met two-and-a-half years ago at an L.A. cooking school where they were both teaching. Although these culinary school graduates have been chefs at some of Los Angeles and San Francisco’s top restaurants including Spago Beverly Hills, they realized they “wanted more of a say in the recipes they made and the food they prepared.”

Squash ravioli.

Chicks with Knives host monthly, invitation only dinners at secret locations. All food is prepared on site using the freshest seasonal ingredients. Everything is made from scratch including the bread, butter, preserves and even the tofu.

“There is nothing from the freezer,” Rachael explains. “Everything goes from the garden to the table.” Menus are vague on purpose since the chefs won’t know exactly what ingredients will be available until the day of the event and they want their guests (and hosts) to be pleasantly surprised. All meals include a seasonal cocktail and appetizer.

Sorrel soup.

Their most recent event this past weekend  was a seafood dinner in held in Santa Monica.  The menu included Fresh Pea Soup & Lavender-Salt Popovers, Vegetable Terrine, Seafood grilled in Banana Leaves and Kallari Blackout Chocolate Souffle with Passion fruit and Geranium-Scented Cotton Candy.

In addition to the food, there is “education and entertainment” at the events that is appropriate for the setting. Past guests listened to an actor do a reading and a farmer discuss tips on local gardening. Since the hosts open up their homes to strangers, Chicks with Knives does a pre-screening of the guests to make sure there is cohesiveness to the group.

Chicks With Knives cooking class.

Sixteen to 20 spots are available for each event and the price is approximately $64 per person. There is a strict “no texting, no blogging, no tweeting” policy at the events so guests can enjoy themselves and not have to compete with technology. Suzanne and Rachael’s reputations have been earned by word of mouth, not by instant messages.

Chicks with Knives also teach private cooking classes and will consult on sustainable cooking. They are developing a line of chef knives as well.

Suzanne in action.

Upcoming supper club events will be held in Hollywood on April 11 (lamb), Woodland Hills (pork) on May 2, and downtown on June 22 (small plates). The complete menus are in the planning stages.

They also are offering a New Knife Skills Cooking Class (morning) and Pickling Cooking Class(afternoon)  on April 17 in mid-city. Cost is $95 for 2-½ hours of hands-on cooking and sampling.

For further information on the supper and cooking class details, go to

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