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Clean Momma: Encino resident teaches how to get lean while you clean

Posted By Karen Young On March 22, 2010 @ 11:07 pm In Featured,Fitness,Lifestyle,My Daily Find,spotlight | 4 Comments


Living in Southern California amongst the glam of Hollywood, there is pressure to stay fit and maintain a healthy physique. More than that, a healthy lifestyle is essential to living a longer and happier life. But that’s not always easy when you’re juggling a career, raising kids and keeping your domestic life in order 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Carolyn Barnes demonstrates "taskersizing" in the kitchen. Photos: Courtesy Clean Momma

Encino resident Carolyn Barnes is a full-time mother of two who discovered a way to lose weight and stay fit while keeping her house spotless. She is not your ordinary stay at home and work at home mother. This super mom — or better known as “cLEAN Momma” — created a lifestyle program that urges you to multitask in order to get and stay in shape while raising your children and keeping your house clean.

In a 35-minute DVD launched last January, Barnes teaches you how to incorporate a fitness routine into your already hectic day through multitasking. The cLEAN Momma workout plan revolves around “taskersizing,” the art of performing a task while doing an exercise. Barnes also provides private in-home training sessions exclusively to Valley residents (and only for a limited time receive a free DVD).

Toy pick-up roundhouse.

Like many stay at home parents, Barnes is maxed out with full-time mommy duties and simultaneously managing the household chores. Going to the gym or working out easily became a low priority after her son was born three years ago, but Barnes’ lifestyle program allows you to get everything done—“get lean while you clean.”

“It’s like killing two birds with one stone,” says Miata Edoga, a cLEAN Momma client.

Edoga is a working mother who says she has no time to exercise, and she struggles with balancing work and keeping her house tidy. After four months of consistent cLEAN Momma training, Edoga lost weight, improved her posture and has a clean house to come home to.

With the help of fitness expert Dr. Geoff Lecovin, a naturopathic physician, chiropractor and acupuncturist, Barnes designed a “taskersizing” workout program of 10 exercises. Barnes teaches you how to make changes in all aspects of your life by focusing on three elements: the routine, mindset and diet.

Laundry weight lifting.

As a former ballerina and actress, Barnes brings her charismatic and sassy personality to train and motivate you in a workout routine grounded in ballet techniques. Barnes will have you doing rigorous leg lifts that focus on infinitely engaging the abs and core and tucking in that tush all while you’re washing the dishes or even brushing your teeth. Barnes proves that every mundane task can be turned into an exercise.

The boot camp-style routine is suggested three times a week for maximum results. Barnes’ signature move, the “rag drag” is a cardio drill that works your inner and outer thighs, butt and stomach. It elevates your heart rate while you clean your floors, cook or fold laundry.

“It’s like being able to do an elliptical machine while performing any task,” Barnes said.

No waxy or cellulite build-up.

Whether you need to lose that baby weight or excess fat and get back into shape or tone your body, Barnes gives you the tools to help re-sculpt your body. Barnes’ techniques can be applied in any given chore or daily action in any setting from doing squats while pumping gas to doing pushups against your kitchen counter or desk at the office.

“Clean Momma is an efficient way to combine exercise with house cleaning in a fun and humorous way,” said Dr. Lecovin. “The interval training style of exercising has numerous health benefits such as improving cardiac risk factors, elevating mood and increasing metabolism,” he added.

But the core of cLEAN Momma’s lifestyle program is the mindset—the brainpower to have the clarity of goals and the belief that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Go for the burn.

“Every morning when you’re not going anywhere fabulous, put on your workout shoes and pants,” said Barnes. “This will remind you to be active throughout the day,” she said.

Barnes also collaborated with lifelong friend, Stephanie Lecovin (and Dr. Lecovin’s wife), who is a certified nutritionist and registered dietitian. In a joint effort, they put together a meal plan to help you make lifelong changes in the way you think about food.

“Not only will you feel better, but as a result of fueling your body with quality food, you will get your appetite under control, have more energy and also shed those unwanted bulges around your thighs and tummy,” Barnes said.

Clean Momma workout.

“From a nutrition perspective, (our plan) emphasizes eating regularly, eating whole foods and eating foods with adequate protein, fiber and fat to keep blood sugar and energy stable,” said Stepanie.

The recommendations are based on eating “consciously, moderately and joyfully,” she continued. “They are also very realistic for people to incorporate into their lives over a long-term period of time,” she added.

Barnes’ cLEAN Momma lifestyle program DVD ($14.95) available on her website includes an e-book of nutritional and dietary suggestions in addition to a food dairy. Sign up for personal instruction and receive a free DVD. For more information, contact Carolyn Barnes at (310) 418-3782 or log on to her website at www.cleanmomma.com.

Melissa Chua is a journalism graduate from Cal-State Northridge. She is a freelance writer, and a regular contributor and copy editor for LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health magazine. When she’s not on deadline, she enjoys doing yoga at different studios along Ventura Boulevard and on the West side, hiking, dancing and traveling to anywhere with a tropical climate and beautiful beaches.

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