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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then why are they so expensive? A real best friend shouldn’t be so costly. That’s why every woman’s new BFF should be Fantastik Fakes at Tarzana’s Alley in the Valley. Okay, so it’s a combination of sterling silver and fashion jewelry with the fake bling — but it shines nonetheless — and looks remarkably close to the real deal.

The force behind the store is owner Adele, and her husband Les, who were fixtures at the Valley Indoor Swap Meet in Canoga Park for 17 ½ years before moving to their current location 2 1 /2 years ago.

Much of the selection is "reinterpretations of famous designers.” Photos: Karen Young

Adele says that “Fantastik Fakes was founded to satisfy that incredible urge that we all feel when we see fabulous jewelry, especially designer jewelry, and say, ‘Oooooh! I’d love to have that!’ When you say that in my store, I happily reply, “Now you can!”

The small, clean shop is the place to go if you need a special occasion piece or to add to your everyday accessories. No names can be named here, but you’ll know when you see them. Adele likes to say that they are “reinterpretations of famous designers” and she shops every week to make sure that her inventory keeps moving as styles change.

Top: bracelets; center: rings; bottom: watches

Top: necklaces; center: pearls; bottom: perfume bottles.

A watch that retails for $37,000 is a dead ringer at $60. Same goes for a clone of a renowned designer’s necklace and earring set selling for $30 instead of the real deal at $3000. You know those special key necklaces that can run up to $1500? Pick from an assortment of styles  at $30. Want a stack of eternity rings? They are $12 each or three for $30. Fancy cocktail rings are $12 -$40.  One especially grand one that is a hot seller replicates a certain female French designer.  Close out rings are $5.  There are .925 stud bling earrings  perfect for cocktail attire at $10-$20. A rare find is a good selection of clip-on earrings, especially for dressier occasions.

In addition to bling, there is a good selection of pearls, and the more earthy turquoise, coral and other stones. There are also select gift items at the store, such as elaborate perfumes bottles for $20, two sided enamel bejeweled mirrors for $22 and scarves for $10.

All the stones in the jewelry are 100% guaranteed, so if one does happen to fall out, just return the piece and Adele will have it fixed.

So, whether it’s for the red carpet, a black tie affair or everyday living, it’s worth it to spend some quality time with a new BFF.  And as for whether the jewels are real or not? That can be your little secret. After all, what are best friends for?

Fantastik Fakes is located in The Alley in the Valley 6000 Reseda Boulevard Space I Tarzana Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sunday 12pm to 4pm. 818-996-5266 or 310-980-9991

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