Vinita’s Beauty and Threading Studio brings an ancient art into the mainstream

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I was first exposed to ‘Threading’ about 15 years ago when living in Florida. After many years of facial waxing, I had recently begun to break out in a rash after my waxing treatments. That’s when I met my salon’s new East Indian esthetician who, after asking a few questions about my skin care regimen, told me users of retinoid products like Retin-A should NEVER get waxed because the skin is too delicate.  She pulled out a spool of thread and showed me a ‘new’ way I could have perfectly shaped eyebrows and a smooth face – without the breakouts. This ‘new’ method is actually quite ancient, originating in India but also popular in Persian culture and Eastern countries. After my first experience and the many “your eyebrows look great!” comments from my girlfriends, I was hooked.

Besides Threading, Vinita’s offers facials, henna designs, waxing, and hair cutting and styling services for men and women

When I returned to the Valley in 1999, my search was on for a local threading expert. At that time, no salons advertised the service and the only one here who had even heard of Threading was my Armenian friend who referred me to Israeli and Persian practitioners I have used over the years. Still Threading is far from mainstream, practiced only in local salons that cater to a Middle Eastern clientele.

Threading is relatively painless and at $8.99 (plus tip), much cheaper than getting your brows tweezed or waxed.

Until now.

Overdue for an eyebrow shaping, I recently stopped in the new Vinita’s Beauty and Threading Studio in Sherman Oaks after picking up a latte. I discovered an attractive and brightly lit salon with Indian décor, complete with Bollywood movies playing on the flatscreen TV. Fortunately, the salon takes walk-in appointments and within five minutes I was leaning back in a chair at Gia’s station, holding my forehead taut and bracing myself for the relatively minimal pain of the threads tugging out my unruly brows.

Ten minutes and $8.99 (+tip) later my brows were perfectly shaped and trimmed, a little toner was applied to calm the skin. I returned about a month later, and once again was pleased with the results and the fact that I could walk in at 5:20 on a Saturday evening without an appointment, then attend a dinner party less than two hours later without any facial redness or rash.

Henna products for purchase.

The Sherman Oaks location  is the sixth  of seven L.A. area locations in this growing local salon chain. Besides Threading, Vinita’s offers facials, henna designs, waxing, and hair cutting and styling services for men and women.   I love their convenient hours , no appointment required policy (with, so far, no long wait), ‘Get 10 Threadings and the 11th is Free’ card, and the beautifully shaped results.

The only downside – Sherman Oaks Plaza parking lot can get busy and during peak times I’ve circled around that lot several times before finding a place to park my car. Each of their locations has different hours and pricing, so check the website for details and coupons.

Perfect brow.

Vinita’s Beauty and Threading Studio 15030 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks  Mon-Sat 11:oo a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Sunday 11:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Cheryl Becker Leff moved to the Valley at the age of 8 and now considers herself practically a native Val-Angeleno.  An Economics degree from UCLA helped her maneuver her way through the challenges of pre-school and public school parent associations, and she considers every Starbucks between Encino and Studio City as one of her ‘field offices.’ She inexpensively satisfies her travel bug with shopping trips to Valley Produce or Super Sal.
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