The Get Shaved Truck: A frozen dessert wonderland on wheels

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When I started telling friends about the Get Shaved Truck, they looked at me like I was nuts. Until I explained that the “shaved” meant “shaved ice” and not at all what they were thinking.

Shaping the ice. Photo: Karen Young

Finding the Get Shaved truck one semi-chilly night on its Sherman Oaks stop was literally a mind-blowing, or shall I say, a palate blowing experience. I am a shaved ice and Italian ice fan, but the Get Shaved truck put a whole new spin on this frozen type of confection.

Based on Hawaiian shaved ice, Get Shaved presents a fusion of sweet homemade syrup (made with pure cane sugar) plus some choice add –on options. This ice is a bit different because it’s block ice and when shaved down becomes light and fluffy — almost like fresh snow as opposed to ice. Due to the texture, the syrup does not get sucked into the ice, and instead remains constant down to the last drop.

Monkey Brains. Photo: Karen Young

The add-ons include a scoop of vanilla ice cream which is placed in the middle of the ice, sweet red bean paste, sweetened condensed milk or sour spray and  li hing mui powder which is added to the top. You can also order  it with the syrup only for a lower cal treat at 60-70 calories per eight ounce servings.   Prices ranges from $2-$5 depending on size and add-ons.

There’s an array of flavors from which to choose.  The best bet is to go with one of their suggested combinations. So far, I’ve tried Monkey Brains: Strawberry and Banana Shaved Ice over Vanilla Ice Cream and topped with Sweetened Condensed Milk; Root Beer Dream: Root Beer Shaved Ice over Vanilla Ice Cream and topped with Sweetened Condensed Milk; and Rockin’ Rainbow: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Pineapple Shaved Ice over Vanilla Ice Cream.

Root Beer Dream Photo: Karen Young

I actually can’t say which I like best because they were all so delicious and uniquely different. Not much help, I know! The combination of the condensed milk and ice cream make it extra rich and especially decadent.  I’ll give you this — the Root Beer Dream did not taste like syrup, so the fact that it’s more like a root beer float did make this one standout (if you like root beer), but then the Monkey Brains with a mix of strawberry and banana was crazy good.

Get Shaved is the brainchild of Pat and Kristin Rosowick.  Pat is a Valley boy, born and bred — who grew in the Sherman Oak/Van Nuys area. Kristin, a Massachusetts native, is a self -professed “dessert freak” —  both always loved ice desserts.  After honeymooning in Hawaii, they  decided to start a shaved ice biz and the truck idea was born.

Next up, they’re opening a brick and mortar shop — a drive-through/walk up scheduled to open in early  May at 9255 Reseda Blvd.  next to Falafel Palace in Northridge.  Stay tuned! UPDATE:  THE GET SHAVED SHOP IS NOW OPEN!!!

Check out locations in the 818. Tonight, 4/20, in Tarzana. Tomorrow Granada HIlls. Photo Courtesy:

Check out their website for locations or Twitter. You’ll often find them following Kogi BBQ. FIND THEM THIS WEEK in the 818 — tonight, 4/20, in Tarzana 10PM-11:30PM @ Corbin Bowl – 19616 Ventura Blvd.. 4/21, in Glendale 7PM-9PM @ Glendale – Chevy Chase & Brand. T 4/22 10PM-11:30PM @ Granada Hills – Zelzah & Chatsworth, 4/23 10:30PM-12AM @ Northridge – Devonshire & Reseda.   Sherman Oaks near Guitar Center is also a big spot, so make sure to check the updates!  Ask about catering too…they’ll bring the truck to you!

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