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Somewhere about 20 years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to recycle.  Around that same time, Starbucks arrived in the San Fernando Valley. Along with my new addiction to a morning cup of Starbucks Joe for my commute to mid-Wilshire and my new commitment to reducing waste, came my new quest for the perfect reusable coffee travel mug.

Copco’s ‘Eco-First – Acadia Mug’ is a 16 oz, white plastic mug looks just like a classic, coffeehouse ‘to go’ cup.

Over the years I’ve worked my way through a variety of plastic and metal mugs of varying sizes, shapes and price ranges. Most kept my coffee warm and, for the most part, off of my lap or from dribbling down the front of my blouse as I wormed my way through Laurel Canyon. But they always were less than perfect: the lid mechanism would break; the mug required hand washing; you couldn’t put it in the microwave for a quick reheat; and there was always that icky dried milk that wouldn’t quite wash off of the crevices of the sipping spot or deep inside on the bottom.

Imagine my excitement when I wandered into the Encino Bed, Bath, and Beyond recently and found yet another travel mug to try – Copco’s ‘Eco-First – Acadia Mug.’ This 16 oz, white plastic mug looks just like a classic, coffeehouse ‘to go’ cup and even comes with a brown sleeve for added insulation and protection from heat. Not only comfortable to hold, really cool looking and seemingly leak-proof, it is both microwave and dishwasher safe and BPA free. Even better, it has no crevices for dried milk to get stuck on. I’ve used mine almost daily for over a month, and it emerges from the top rack of my dishwasher free of coffee stains, bright white and looking like new.

These days, my morning routine means running out the door in my pj’s and bathrobe to get kids to the school bus on time, so my first coffee of the day comes from my brewer at home. A cup of nonfat milk in the Eco-First – Acadia mug and a minute in the microwave topped off with my fresh home brew and I’ve created my own, home made, recession-worthy, Grande Nonfat Misto.

Can a Daily Find be as simple as the perfect travel mug? I think so — especially when it starts your day.

The Copco Eco-First – Acadia mug has a MSRP of $7.99 and is available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well as many national retailers. Check for a complete listing.

Cheryl Becker Leff moved to the Valley at the age of 8 and now considers herself practically a native Val-Angeleno.  An Economics degree from UCLA helped her maneuver her way through the challenges of pre-school and public school parent associations, and she considers every Starbucks between Encino and Studio City as one of her ‘field offices.’ She inexpensively satisfies her travel bug with shopping trips to Valley Produce or Super Sal.

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