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Each time I hear a food establishment is making a break from “over-the-hill” and landing valley-side up, I get excited.  It means  there is a “there… here” in this 818 area code—  whereby people from “over there” like to joke about a passport being needed—to cross “over here.”

Umami, meaning 'savory,' has a Japanese-inspired burger and drink eatery with different design and menu concepts at each location. Veggie and non-beef available too.

In this case it’s Umami Burger, the Japanese-inspired, ultra-innovative burger joint owned by owner/chef Adam Fleischman, who in under 18 months  will open his fifth location (not including the Umami Food Truck) in Studio City at Laurel Canyon and Ventura Blvd on September 1 — mighty close to The Counter , as well as the last Los Angeles restaurant empire newcomer, chef Jimmy Shaw and his  Loteria Grill.

Umami means “the fifth taste — savory,” which follows sweet, salty, sour and bitter.  Seasonings and ingredients used include anchovies, harissa, tamari, truffles, onion confit and aioli.  Prior to Umami, Fleischman owned two of the first wine bars in Los Angeles, Bottlerock and Vinoteque.

While Fleischman won’t divulge the exact location, we can take a guess by looking at the vacant storefronts along the boulevard. There will be 60 seats, an indoor/outdoor area serving beer, wine and cocktails and free parking.  As opposed to most restaurants with multiple locations, Umami Burger has a different menu and a different design concept at each location.

If you’ve never eaten a Umami Burger, this is one burger (and drink) you haven’t tasted or experienced before. I promise. Stay tuned.

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  • http://www.jenevansgardner.com Jennifer

    Shut UP!! I am so excited about Umami Burger! Thanks for the heads up, Karen and I will meet you there…

  • http://www.marcied.com MarcieD

    A new restaurant! Yippee~Can’t wait to try it.

  • David G

    Umami is good, even better than that. But it’s a bit sloppy eating and they don’t give you utensils. Their sweet potato fries are very enjoyable but their Onion rings are even better. DG

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