Farm Fresh To You: Fruits and vegetables delivered to your door

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Imagine just picked, best of the season, sun-ripened, organic berries, melons, herbs, citrus fruits, lettuces, avocados and so much more delivered to your front door whenever you want them. There’s no trip to a grocery store where the produce is often grown in some other country. There’s no trek to a neighborhood Farmer’s Market where the prices can be high and the crowds can be big. This is a personalized order from Capay Organic Farms’ Farm Fresh To You delivery service.

Seasonal bounty. Photos: Carole Rosner.

This 35 year old, second generation family run farm started in Capay, California (northeast of San Francisco). The home delivery service began in 1992 and expanded to Southern California in 2007 when the farm began growing traditional and heirloom produce in the Imperial Valley.

Home delivery is very easy and full of surprises. “My second box arrived just this morning, chalk full of crisp fresh amazing goodness–strawberries, avocados, chard, corn and so much more. All of it looks like it had been in the ground hours before, which, I suppose, is not far from the truth. It’s like Christmas arrives every 14 days, wrapped up perfectly in a jolly recyclable box. I couldn’t be more pleased” customer Wendy Hawker said.

Choose selections of fruit, vegetables or both.

There are four home delivery options—Mixed fruit and veggies, veggies only, fruit only or Easy to Prepare fruit and veggies which include hand fruits and no-cooking required veggies. My family of three orders the “Regular” size box of mixed fruits and veggies for $31.50 including delivery. There are always family friendly items like blueberries, peaches, apricots and honeydew and some unfamiliar items like bok choy, beets and baby broccoli too. Easy recipes are included in the box and on-line for each delivery.

Farm Fresh to You arrives at your door.

You can tailor the order to fit your needs and preferences. If you want more berries and less lettuce, or a box delivered every third week rather than every week that can be arranged. The boxes are filled by weight and range from $25.00 for a small mixed or small fruit order to $44.00 for the largest boxes. Bigger assortments are available for office deliveries.

Now there's no excuse not to eat your veggies.

Each week there is a list on-line of the produce that will be coming in the box. Farm Fresh To You is about as simple as it can get to add more fruits and veggies into one’s life.

Use Promo code 6164 and get $5 off an order.  If a friend signs up and mentions that code, the current customer will get $5

Farm Fresh To You Phone: 800 796 6009

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