The Weekend Cocktail: Making a Lemon Champagne Anniversary Cocktail

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Editors Note:  Gwen quite surprised me by writing this incredibly thoughtful column today.  I thank Gwen for her overwhelming words and her dedication writing two “delicious” columns a week, as well as to all the contributing writers who have helped me move forward this first year. And thank you MDF subscribers for reading daily!

A few years back,  I started writing recipes only when people asked for them. I would create a recipe, share some culinary thoughts (and I have many) and created a journal. Subsequently, I met Judith Proffer, then publisher of the Sun Community Newspapers, who asked if I could take these thoughts and recipes and use them for a weekly column — and  Back To The Kitchen was born.

Of course,  at the time, I was far too naive to realize what a rare opportunity it was that someone who had never even been a staff writer could possibly get a weekly column.  As ‘green’ as I was I never knew it because I just felt the love and support of Judy and my amazing editor at the Sun, Karen Young, who kept making sense of my words when I didn’t. Judy and Karen both taught me about the writing world and took my voice to make my words sound better and more powerful.

When Karen shared her vision for a new online magazine I was thrilled to once again bring my foodie tales to life! What a joy and privilege it is to once again work with her and be a part of such a wonderful online publication with incredible editorial content. That was one year and 260 issues ago! So today I celebrate Karen Young,, and most of all, you the readers, with a Lemon Champagne Anniversary cocktail! Happy Anniversary!

Lemon Champagne Anniversary Cocktail

1/2-cup sugar cubes

2 lemons, peeled and juiced

1-cup strawberry flavored brandy or fraises des bois liqueur

2 bottles chilled Champagne

Rub the sugar cubes against the lemon peels until the cubes are yellow. In a blender or food processor fitted with the steel blade, blend the yellowed sugar with the lemon juice.

In a large pitcher set in ice, combine the mixture with the strawberry-flavored brandy or fraises des bois liqueur. Pour in the Champagne and divide the mixture among 8 Champagne glasses, chilled garnished with a strawberry! Or mix in a pretty glass pitcher with floating strawberries and lemon slices and pour into glasses as needed!

About Karen Young

Karen Young is the founder of My Daily Find.