The Weekend Cocktail: Two recipes to toast the World Cup final teams

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This past month has been a very fun and historical time for sports enthusiasts. FIFA World Cup has been awesome! I have experienced great games and great conversations. I have met some wonderful people and learned so much about soccer and their passion for the sport. We got to see many amazing plays, lots of upsets and truly great football! In the finals this weekend is Spain vs. Netherlands. Both are desperate to make history by winning the World Cup. Here are some traditional cocktails from both sides inspired by these two magnificent teams.

Royal Spanish Football Federation Cocktail

Spanish Cava

1 cup Vodka

Orange juice

Simple Syrup (1 cup sugar- ½ cup water mix on low heat until sugar dissolves)

Take equal amounts of champagne and orange juice in a jug. Add about 1 cup of vodka (according to how strong you want it) and half the amount of sugar syrup and stir. Serve in champagne glasses. Both champagne and orange juice should be cold, because no ice is to be added to this cocktail.

Royal Dutch Football Federation Cocktail

3 ounces Sonnema vodka HERB

3 ounces St. Germain all-natural elderflower liqueur

1-ounce agave nectar

3 ounces green tea

1-cup fresh lemon juice

Flamed lemon peel for garnish

Build the ingredients in two Collins glasses filled with ice. Stir well. Garnish with a flamed lemon peel.

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