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Armed with a list a mile long, I headed to Carter Sexton in North Hollywood to buy art supplies for my daughter’s drawing class. I knew they would have everything we needed, and they sure did.

This “artist’s materials” store opened in 1944 to service movie studios, local artists and hobbyists, and it remains one of the only authentic art supply stores left in the  San Fernando Valley. Family owned for over 65 years, Carter Sexton caters to all types of artists, at all levels. From professional architects and sculptors to novice comic book artists and painters, the store has every brush, pastel, pencil, and paper one would need –and if they don’t have it, they will get it for you.

Chris Hauser and his wife Jenia own Carter Sexton Art Supplies which has been open in North Hollywood since 1944. Photos: Carole Rosner

Carter Sexton offers a discount to students and professionals. Photos: Carter Sexton

Chris Hauser and his wife Jenia have owned Carter Sexton since 2009. Chris has worked in the store for over 26 years and has seen the art supply business change.  Whatever the case,  Carter Sexton continues to offer their customers top quality products with personalized service.

“All our employees are artists with lots of experience with the supplies and the techniques. That’s a real benefit to our customers,” Chris explained.

“They have a super helpful and knowledgeable staff. I am using an acrylic ink that one of them just recommended. I also love that they have a gallery hosting local artists,” said professional artist Lois Keller.

Carter Sexton carries many hard to find items like specialized archival linen canvases, airbrush compressors and pin striping supplies.

Painting and drawing classes for kids and adults are taught here. Photos: Carter Sexton

Carter Sexton carries many hard to find items like specialized archival linen canvases, airbrush compressors and pin striping supplies. The store stretches canvases, cuts boards to size, and digitalizes artists’ work for portfolios. Painting and drawing classes for kids and adults are taught here as well.

“Carter Sexton is without the slightest competition. It’s the best store for sculptors in Southern California. They also have an interesting collection of books and DVDs too,” commented professional artist and author Lance Richlin.

Chris explained the difference between their store and a big box art supply store. At Carter Sexton, if one tube of Ultra Violet paint sells over the course of a year, they will still carry that color because they stock complete product lines, not just the common colors.

To support all artists, Carter Sexton offers 10% discounts to students and professionals.

Carter Sexton Fine Art Materials 5308 Laurel Canyon Blvd. No. Hollywood, CA 91607 Phone: 818-763-5050 M-F 9:00am-6:00pm, Saturday: 9am-5:30pm,Closed Sundays

Carole Rosner is a native Valley Girl who took the school bus with Michael and Janet Jackson and worked at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in its heyday. She likes to spend her free time finding bargains at Crossroads Trading Company, eating Chinese chicken salad at Stanley’s and admiring the view from Fryman Canyon. Check out her new blog: – reading, watching and eating.

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  • Jackie Houchin

    WOW! What a fantastic shop. Thanks, Carole for alerting to this gem in North Hollywood.

  • Anne Krall

    I used to shop there almost daily when we did paste-ups (for print ready art) on a board with typeset gallies, pen and ink, stats, FPOs, etc.

    Purchased 100s of sheets of rubdown letters, gallons of rubber cement, stacks of mat boards, xactos, rapidograph pens, ink, pads of tissue and acetate, colored papers, markers, spray mount, and colored pencils for comps, french curves and stuff like that. Even my drafting table and lamp! Even though markers, spray mount and rubber cement thinner are toxic, there is still something I miss about the hands on process that is missing from working on the computer.

    Carter Sexton’s – still the best place to find fine art supplies! Thank you Carole for bringing up fond memories.

  • LIsa H.

    Carole, this one is a keeper! The photos illustrate the story perfectly and made me want to go out and buy something there. Wonderful piece.

  • Sarah Hage

    Thank you for showcasing a wonderful institution. I am an artist who recently moved to North Hollywood from the West Side and I am thrilled to have a “real” art store in my neighborhood. I have bought the best brushes there as well as unique paints. I’m heading over there today!

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