The Weekend Cocktail: Shake up a Strawberry Martini

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My dear friend just gave me a brown grocery bag full of strawberries from his garden. I have made a few pies and a little jam and thrown them in great salads! What about a cocktail! One question? How could a UK chef create such a California cocktail! That is why I love Jamie Oliver! Whatever fresh berries you have in your garden will work. A wonderful summer cocktail!

Strawberry Martini Photo by: D Sharon Pruitt

Strawberry Martini

Splash of dry vermouth

2 handfuls of sweet ripe strawberries, preferably wild ones, hulled

A sprig of fresh mint, leaves picked

2 handfuls of ice cubes

6 ounces gin or vodka

Chill two martini glasses and your cocktail shaker in the freezer for half an hour until really cold. Put a few drops of dry vermouth into each glass and swirl it around. Put 3 strawberries into the bottom of each glass – if they’re big ones, cut them into pieces first. Throw the remaining strawberries and the mint into the cold cocktail shaker and squash them with the end of a rolling pin. Add the ice cubes and the gin or vodka, put the top on and shake it about. Strain into your two martini glasses.

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