Tasty Tidbits: Xtreme Desserts Opens, Umami Update, Natas Dinner

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At last, the original Red Velvet Cookie has found a permanent home. XTREME DESSERTS, one of My Daily Find’s absolutely favorite dessert companies, and the creator of this scrumptious cookie, just opened their first store in Studio City, a few doors down from Trader Joes.

Up to a dozen cookies can be packed in this gift box. Xtreme Dessert photos: Karen Young

Glenn Panitz is the brains behind Xtreme Desserts. A former entertainment and real estate executive, Panitz turned a baking hobby into a full time business a few years ago when his poker buddies mandated he show the public the deliciously over the top concoctions that they got to enjoy each week. There’s even a large photo inspired giclee on the wall of Panitz and his buddies as you walk in.

Red Velvet Layer Cake

Panitz has created a repertoire of his cookie sandwiches for his flagship store — some of his loyal customer favorites include Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cream with Chocolate Ganache, Pecan Pie Maple, German Chocolate, White Chocolate Chip Apple Pie, just to name a few. A variety of brownies, blondies, fresh fruit bars and specialty cakes are also always available. There’s even a giant Red Velvet Cake (pictured) or have any cookie made into a 10″ or 14″ cookie cake! Want something bigger and grander with layers and layers? Or how about a multi-tiered tree of cookies for special events? No problem. Just special order it. The key word here is — XTREME.

Xtreme Desserts owner and creator Glenn Panitz displays his Red Velvet wonders.

This isn’t your sweet little grandma’s bakery. It’s an unrestricted sweet tooth building zone where there are no roadblocks to imagination. If you can dream it, Xtreme Desserts can bake it. Look out for daily specials and coffee drinks too. Xtremedesserts.com 11990 Ventura Blvd., Studio City (818) 505-1759 Cookies, Brownies, Blondies $3.25. Cakes start at $28.

Umami Burger is almost here...swear!!

UMAMI BURGER in Studio City is finally opening! Owner Adam Fleischman reports that March 1 is indeed the day (and if things speed up, it could be February 28) that this out-of-the- ordinary burger joint with the “fifth taste” opens in the ‘Valli’ (Fleischman’s designated name for the location).  Can’t blame the guy  for the delay, he’s been busy opening Red Medicine in Beverly Hills, plus the plans for Umamicatessen downtown and 800° in Westwood. The fifth rendition of this popular burger restaurant will have an upscale Hollywood renaissance theme with a full bar. We’re looking forward to checking out the burger/martini combo called the Dirk Diggler. Remember Mark Wahlberg’s character in Boogie Nights? Uh huh. Umami Burger Valli 12159 Ventura Blvd, Studio City  (west of Laurel Canyon, next to Mexicali)

Nata's is now open for dinner with beer, wine, no corkage fee and a special nightly special for $10.

Since My Daily Find first wrote about NATA’S PORTUGUESE BAKERY AND RESTAURANT in August 2009, much has changed. This small gem of a restaurant now serves beer and wine and is open until 11 p.m. for dinner — and you can BYOB with no corkage fee. There’s an array of traditional Portuguese dishes like Caldo Verde (soup of mashed potatoes and kale), salted cod, gambas (shrimp) and Portuguese sausage. There is also a good selection of salads with chicken and tuna and wonderful appetizers, including a combo plate where you can choose five favorites. Entrees run $13.95-$21.95. There is always one dinner special for $10. The choice per day varies, but braised beef, a steak sandwich and chicken have been among the entrees. Don’t forget to check out the pastry case as you walk in!13317 Ventura Blvd. # D Sherman Oaks (Corner of Fulton Ave. and Ventura Blvd., next to Casa Vega)

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