Bridal Accessories for Less at Erica Koesler

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but there are surely some new brides-to-be, so to all the newly engaged—congratulations, this one is for you.

We all know outfitting a bride can be very expensive. The dress, the shoes, the veil and all the trimmings often run into thousands of dollars. However, tucked into a corner of a warehouse in North Hollywood is a place where savvy brides can save a lot of money on beautiful, high quality wedding accessories.

For over 27 years, Erica Koesler Wedding Accessories have been sold at top bridal stores across the country. About five years ago, Erica Koesler decided to sell their discontinued or past season merchandise to local customers at below wholesale prices.

The warehouse selection changes all the time and these bargains are only available here. There may be a headpiece that’s missing a crystal or a custom-made comb that was never picked up by its owner. Most of the merchandise is silver but there can be gold accessories too. The veils currently for sale are mainly “fingertip” length and come in ivory and white. Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls, cameos and glass stones are intertwined into the jewelry and hair accessories.

This is a place to “try on and play” and to “think creatively.” Because the prices are so low, brides often recreate new pieces from the ones they buy. Jeweled combs usually sell up to $270 but you might find a piece here for less than $50. Tiaras that retail for $250-$300 can be picked up for $80-$90 and veils average $50 here. Prices aren’t marked on the pieces; you need to ask for the pricing at that time.

Although the warehouse might be hard to find (it’s not marked by a sign, only an address), the savings are easy to spot!

Helpful hints:

Cash only. All sales are final.Know what your hair style will be on your wedding day. Bring in a swatch of the dress. DO NOT bring in your dress. Bring one adult guest with you due to limited space in the warehouse. Be quiet and courteous, this is a working warehouse.

Erica Koesler Wedding Accessories Warehouse, 12142 Sherman Way (in industrial park by Game Dude),N. Hollywood, CA 91605 818.764.1913, Open by appt. only Monday-Friday

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