Ice Ice Shavie Rolls In Cocktail Driven Frozen Treats

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How about a frozen cocktail on a hot Sunday morning in the Valley? You can find it at the Studio City Farmers Market—sans the alcohol, of course. Ice Ice Shavie, which drives around town in the form of a vintage meter-maid-type vehicle, is a twist on Hawaiian shaved ice with a light and fluffy feel, rather than the hard edges of a traditional snow cone.

Ice Ice Shavie is alcohol free with homemade flavors.

Top-flight mixologist Damian Windsor (he created a cocktail for Stoli and is the bar brains behind the Roger Room and Seven Grand) and liquor industry events expert Liz Wiltgen partnered on this venture that gives a whole new meaning to frozen water.

It’s the farm fresh 100-percent natural syrups, made from local, seasonal fruits that really sets these treats apart. Decadent and sublime, the flavors change according to the season.

Here’s an idea of the types of flavors this summer: Blackberry Bramble (Blackberry/Lemon/Sugar), Eastside (cucumber, lime, mint, jalapeno), Afternoon Delight (raspberry, agave, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, blackberry), Hammer Thyme (strawberry, mint, thyme), Mojito (lime, mint, sugar) and Que Bueno (cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, lime). They’ve even served up Salted Caramel in the past.

Too Cold. Too Cold.

Ice Ice Shavie will come out for private parties for a $150 fee and $4 a serving. Alcohol can be included for an extra cost. For more info, go to the website.

Find Ice Ice Shavie every other weekend. Check their website for dates. The Studio City Farmers Market is open Sundays, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., on Ventura Place between Radford Avenue and Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Find them in a vendor booth in the middle of the market on the north side.

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