The Weekend Cocktail: Blue Hibiscus Infusion

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The holidays came and went quickly and the first month of the year is half way over.  What better time to honor our bodies and be mindful of our resolutions to be healthier. I love the taste of this hibiscus elixir added to sparking water. A splash of the highly concentrated elixir transforms cocktails, teas and sodas into exquisite signature drinks—and at only 20 calories per serving. It is only natural that it makes a most enjoyable cocktail. Happy New Year! Cheers!


Blue Hibiscus Infusion



1.5 oz Stoli Blueberry

1/2 oz. Elixir Floral Infusions Antillean Hibiscus

1.5 oz. Sparking Water

Fresh basil to taste

Muddle basil with Stoli Blueberry. Serve on the rocks and top off with Hibiscus Elixir and sparkling water. Garnish with basil.

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