The Weekend Cocktail: Dine on Italian Cuisine Paired With Jazz and Cocktails Tonight at Cafe Aldente

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What would a couple of attorneys do to chill out after a long day in court? They would get together at their favorite casual eatery and play a few sets, of course!  And they are doing just that—The Bill Hochberg and Bob Hirschman Duet will be playing tonight at Café Aldente in Studio City.  They are a perfect balance of old school jazz and diner music with Bill on guitar and Bob on a stand up bass.   They met while playing with the Big Band Of Barristers who are finalists in the Big Band Of Lawyers set to play for President Obama at the American Bar Association’s Convention. And what would a perfect cocktail be?

Dine and listen to jazz at Cafe Aldente in Studio City on Fridays.

The Jazzman’s Blues is a perfect blend of dark sweet rum, the bite of Dubonnet and the sweet citrus of Grand Marnier.  The jury is in… so swing on by Cafe Aldente for a Jazzman’s Blues Cocktail paired with a classic Italian meal or one of the many fresh wild caught fish specials and hear some amazing jazz music!

The Jazzman’s Blues

3 ounces dark rum

1 ounce Dubonnet

Splash Grand Marnier

Rim two martini glasses with an orange wheel and dip in sugar. Place all ingredients is a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for around 10 seconds. Pour into the two martini glasses and garnish with the orange wheels.

The Bill Hochberg and Bob Hirschman Duet, Fridays starting at 7 pm, Café Aldente, 12215 Ventura Blvd # 112 , Studio City  (818) 985-8055

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