Kids’ Book Corner: Fresh Books for Spring

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New books and classic stories bloom this month for young and emerging readers.

DownloadedFile-5Chicks! by Sandra Horning with detailed illustrations by Jon Goodel is a satisfying look at the life-cycle of the chicken for emerging readers.  Although the diction is simple, the information is rich and complete, with unfamiliar words (“combs and wattles”) explained through the colorful pictures. Ages 4 – 6.

DownloadedFile-2The Passover Lamb: Based on a True Story by Linda Elovitz Marshall with illustrations by Tatjana Mai-Wyss tells the story of a lamb born on Passover and rejected by its mother.  Miriam, who has been practicing the recitation of the Four Questions for the Passover seder, worries that the lamb’s need for regular bottle feedings will keep her family from traveling to her grandparents’ home. Kids will delight in Miriam’s ingenious solution to the problem of feeding her lamb and attending the Seder. This engaging story is destined to become a Passover classic and all the more wonderful because it’s true. Ages 6-9.

DownloadedFile-3Suzy Roche’s Want To Be In A Band? is an autobiographical guide to living one’s life while making music. Giselle Potter’s sly, sweet watercolors illuminate Roche’s tale of practice, overcoming shyness, getting along, making and losing fame, and more practice. Roches fans will love this book. Readers 4 and up will love it too, especially musical girls.

DownloadedFile-6Il Sung Na’s Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons is a chunky little board book that takes the youngest readers to the sky, under the ground, and from frost to spring as it shows how animals respond to the cold. It’s beautiful, rich and simple. Ages 3-7.

DownloadedFile-4Soon-to-be-older-siblings and their mothers will get a kick out of Barbara Park’s Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here! A Word from Your Baby-in-Waiting, baby’s rollicking protest at the limited possibilities for entertainment inside the womb: “I’m all in a heap here. My feet are asleep here. I’m flat out of space. I’ve got knees in my face . . .” Viviana Carofoli’s illustrations are appropriately silly. Ages 3-7.

DownloadedFile-1Favorite Little Golden Books for Springtime is a boxed set including The Little Red Hen, Two Little Gardeners, Baby Farm Animals, Home for A Bunny, and Where Do Giggles Come From? I still love Margaret Wise Brown’s comforting Home for a Bunny and Garth Williams’ Baby Farm Animals, both from the fifties. Brown’s Two Little Gardeners shows a garden from planting to canning and ends with a song composed by the author. The Little Red Hen still delights with her wisdom. Ages 2-5.

Jo Perry has a Ph.D. in English, taught literature and writing, and worked as a college administrator and as a television writer and producer. She is a reviewer for and is an ongoing contributor to kidsLA Magazine for which she writes about the city, children’s books, and conducts interviews. For two years she wrote the Kids’ Book Club column for the L.A. Times’ Kids’ Reading Room page.

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