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MY DAILY FIND is an online community news magazine with a free subscription supplementary newsletter where you can get a designated “find” emailed to you daily!  We’re all about YOUR NEWS –  your friends, neighbors, local personalities, events, organizations and businesses in the San Fernando Valley.

You know the narrow ‘red carpet’ seen in magazines and on award shows? Forget about it! Ours blankets the community. Everyone is a celebrity, and here, the spotlight shines on people and places. We’re out to create a buzz around the San Fernando Valley’s 818. If we find a treasure of extra special merit outside the lines, we’ll go there too.  It’s all about being “in the know,” you know?

We’re here to share what’s happening in our neighborhoods, teams, schools, gyms, restaurants, theaters, galleries, businesses, books, real estate, recreation and travel.  We want to honor local heroes – those who are making a difference. We want to celebrate peoples’ lives and delve into history. We’re a studio town and this community is filled with artists, writers, actors, filmmakers and many others behind the scenes whom we want to highlight. We’ll profile students and athletes. We want to explore the shops and restaurants that line the streets. We’ll check out style and trends. We’ll go down to NoHo, the community’s cultural hub, with theater and gallery news. We’ve got fashion, beauty, fitness, home and garden, a parenting column,  a literary column, a kids book corner, music reviews, recipes, restaurant news, farmers market reports,  business, tourism and recreation, a “Down in the Valley” Q & A with some recognizable faces, and even a front page video link!

These are just some  of  the many resources here at  MY DAILY FIND.  And as we grow, we’ll deliver more and more. Click and scroll down each of the categories on the Home Page.  Join our Blogs to share your own thoughts.   Or browse through a plethora of events listings. There’s something for everyone.

We welcome your suggestions, story pitches and ideas. We’re here to make the community shine.  Please contact us.