The Weekend Cocktail: Luck O’The Irish

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY When Irish eyes are smiling, sure 'tis like a morn in spring. In the lilt of Irish laughter you can hear the angels sing, When Irish hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay, And when Irish eyes are smiling, sure, … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail

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  BY GWEN KENNEALLY While the east coast and mid-west wait for the first green buds to peek through the snow, March is full of spring hope. In the month of March, we celebrate March Madness, Saint Patrick’s Day, Saint Joseph’s Day, … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Celebrate Oscar with a Glamorous Bellini or Spritzer

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY If you are having a viewing party this weekend for the 85th Academy Awards you might want to have some fun celebratory cocktails that will add a special kick to your awards party.  The ceremony is scheduled for February 24 … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Catch Cupid’s Bow with the Tantric Kiss

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Edible pansy.

BY GWEN KENNEALLY "You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. " ~Dr. Seuss I have to start by saying anything that celebrates love is alright by me. I don’t really like … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Hot Apple Pie

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Hot Apple Pie in a glass!

BY GWEN KENNEALLY Happy National Pie Day...or shall I say "week" and isn't it worth celebrating?  Yes, January 23 was National Pie Day. As many of you know I am one of the founders of Magpie Gourmet Mini Pies. (Stay tuned for some exciting news … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktails: Lighten Up with The POMania and The Spajito

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY Taking the 2013 New Year’s mindful approach to eating it only seems fair that we bring it to our weekend cocktail. These spa cocktails inspired by the mixologists at Square One Organic Vodka are refreshing and delicious and … [Read more...]

Back to the Kitchen: Tips and Tricks for Hosting a New Years Eve Cocktail Party

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY The cocktail parties that we throw are not like our mother’s (remember that somewhat goofy food?); instead we have  a cornucopia of amazing small plate taste treats. Plus, you can have a grand assortment to accommodate all … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

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Mistletoe cocktail

BY GWEN KENNEALLY When you want to go from the nice to the naughty list, this elegant cocktail will surely help you get there. From the earliest times mistletoe has been one of the most magical, mysterious, and sacred plants of European … [Read more...]

Back to the Kitchen: The Menorah Martini

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY This weekend marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, where many families invite relatives and friends over to light the menorah, sing songs, play dreidel, exchange gifts, eat latkes and other traditional food, and … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Celebrate with Thanksgiving-tinis!

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY One of my dear mixoligist friends actually makes a “Turkytini” by blending Thanksgiving leftovers and shaking it with vodka and garnishing with cranberry sauce! Kind of crazy to me so here is a cornucopia of my favorite … [Read more...]