FIRST HAND Our House: Where Nobody Grieves Alone

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BY MARLEY SIMS New to the San Fernando Valley, but serving Los Angeles since 1993, Our House is a  remarkable non-profit organization that provides grief support services, education, resources and hope to adults and children (as young as four) who … [Read more...]

First Hand: Sex, Death and Fly-Fishing—a business perspective on the title of a book by John Gierach

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BY ROGER EWING Part sport and part art, with a little Zen wisdom thrown in, fly-fishing imitates life, and is a good allegory for business.  In his well-read book, Sex Death and Fly Fishing, Gierach shares insights on mayflies, men, fishing, love, … [Read more...]

JULIE & JULIA: Life lessons in blogging and the human condition

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BY ROGER EWING I put on my sunglasses and fake moustache, and walked quickly through the parking lot with my head down, thinking no one would recognize me when I went into the theatre.  For two weeks my wife had been asking me to see the movie … [Read more...]

First Hand: My Daily Find — Kindness of Strangers

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BY ALAN MARC LEVY Friday afternoon, while watching highlights of the Tour De France, I felt inspired. So inspired that I pulled down my road bike, not ridden in at least six years, wiped it off, pumped the tires, put on those deadly clipless shoes, … [Read more...]

First Hand: Waiting For A Soldier named Sherman

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BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER I love to travel, but have always been a cowardly flyer, always relying on a glass of champagne and my St. Christopher medallion to get me safely to my destination.  As you may know, St. Christopher is the patron saint of … [Read more...]