The Weekend Cocktail: What Carrie Bradshaw Would Love — A Cosmo With A Twist

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY Ah, Southern California….the weather keeps playing with my head! Sorry to all my friends who are experiencing a real winter, but you have to love 80 degrees in January. For those of us in Los Angeles, this is a light refreshing … [Read more...]

Page 71 Lounge Mixes Up Cocktails and Music in a Sleek Environment

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BY ANA KACZMAREK Imagine your favorite dive bar. The bartender knows the regulars and will offer up the perfect drink to a newbie. There’s 80s music pumping you into a state of nostalgic euphoria. There’s plenty of room to sit and chat, a place … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: The Time Warp Candy Corn Martini

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY I must admit that my teen and I are bonding over Glee! We have our Tuesday night date and I look forward to it every week. In preparation for this past week’s episode I got The Rocky Horror Picture Show! and was informed by my … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: A Girlfriend Cocktail

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY It's the  last few weeks of summer and how I would  love a girl’s day at the spa! I don’t see that happening, but this spa inspired cocktail can make you feel like you are getting pampered! The clean flavor of Vodka dances … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Shake up a Strawberry Martini

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Strawberry Martini    Photo by: D Sharon Pruitt

BY GWEN KENNEALLY My dear friend just gave me a brown grocery bag full of strawberries from his garden. I have made a few pies and a little jam and thrown them in great salads! What about a cocktail! One question? How could a UK chef create such a … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Two recipes to toast the World Cup final teams

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY This past month has been a very fun and historical time for sports enthusiasts. FIFA World Cup has been awesome! I have experienced great games and great conversations. I have met some wonderful people and learned so much about … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: Celebrate the French Way

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY In honor of Bastille Day this past week, we celebrate the French. Champagne is one of the greatest gifts that came from that region. Napa and Sonoma have Sparkling Wine, Spain has Cava and Italy has Prosecco. All have their own … [Read more...]

The Weekend Cocktail: A Cuban Mojito kick

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BY GWEN KENNEALLY The citrus mint flavor of the Cuban classic cocktail, the Mojito, originates from La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana. Lore has it that Ernest Hemingway spent many hours sipping this sweet and slightly sour summer drink. Take the … [Read more...]

Red, White and Sapphire: The perfect 4th of July cocktail

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1 ½ oz. Bombay Sapphire ®Gin 1 oz. fresh lemon juice ¾ oz. simple syrup 3-4 fresh raspberries 3 oz. club soda Garnish: Lemon twist & a fresh raspberry Collins Glass Muddle Raspberries with simple syrup and lemon juice. Add ice, Bombay … [Read more...]