Travel: An Excursion to Cambria and Paso Robles Wine Country

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BY  MARY MCGRATH     Itchy to get out of town, it was time to plan another excursion.  I’d heard some great things about Paso Robles, and thought we’d partner with a stop in Cambria to round out the adventure. It was a … [Read more...]

TRAVEL: Destination Del Mar — Opulent Luxury or Beachy Vibe

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BY MARY McGRATH       Another getaway was in order, and this weekend, Del Mar was our chosen spot. I hadn’t been to this area in a number of years. My fond recollections only centered on my rich wild aunt who liked to … [Read more...]

Travel: Oxnard — LA’s Affordable Beachside Community

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BY MARY MCGRATH For many years, Oxnard was one of those requisite pit stops between LA and Santa Barbara. It wasn’t a place I even considered visiting until recently. Now, Oxnard is now its own destination and has its own story to tell. … [Read more...]

Travel: Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes for Ocean Views and Gourmet Dining

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BY MARY McGRATH Complimentary champagne upon check-in?  I’m in! And so began our overnight visit to the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes.  We were there to dine at their renowned Mar’sel, and rather than slogging our way back to Los … [Read more...]

Travel: Escape to a Catalina Getaway Vacation

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BY MARY McGRATH We usually head to Europe during the summer, but this quick getaway gave us the feeling of being overseas without having to deal with airports, security checks and hours in the air.  What’s not to like? Hop aboard the … [Read more...]

The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla: A Romantic and Delightful Quick Get Away

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BY MARY McGRATH Life was starting to take a toll on us, so what better way to deal with it than to book a romantic getaway that didn’t require a visit to the airport. In sleuthing nearby locales, we thought La Jolla deserved a visit. We’d only … [Read more...]

Seeing Is Believing: Innovative Superfocus Eyewear Adjusts Vision in Seconds

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BY MARY McGRATH It happened to me when I got a batch of business cards. When I received them, I thought the type was a bit blurry. It wasn’t the type. It was me. I was in my mid 40s at the time, when I realized that my vision was changing, and … [Read more...]

TRAVEL: Santa Barbara’s Simpson House-A Welcomed Escape from LA

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Hayloft room, living room.

STORY AND PHOTOS BY MARY MCGRATH Santa Barbara’s always been dear to me. After graduating from UCSB, I quickly realized that I couldn’t afford to live there, so the next best thing is visiting. There are many beach communities on the rise as … [Read more...]

Travel: Go Barging! Luxurious Travel Through the Canals of France

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Renaissance barge docked in a French town. Photos: Mary McGrath

BY MARY McGRATH July’s here and for many, it’s vacation time! If you are planning an overseas adventure, think about a unique trip in France (after all, today is Bastille Day). The euro is working in our favor, making this region all the more … [Read more...]

Travel: Ojai for Finery, Winery and Flavor

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BY MARY MC GRATH With stay-cations still being all the rage, where can you go to find some finery, winery and flavor? Why not Ojai, less than two hours away from Los Angeles? Ojai is blessed with a temperate climate, and because of this, engages … [Read more...]