A twisted, yet interesting Scarecrow at the Avery Schreiber

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BY PAULINE ADAMEK A lonely, oppressed farm girl, on the cusp on womanhood, develops a strange fascination in the cornfields in Don Nigro’s “Scarecrow,” a dark and twisted drama now playing at the Avery Schreiber Theatre in NoHo.  Cally … [Read more...]

Allen Edwards: Still styling after all these years

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Allen Edwards stylists prepare models for an event.

BY PAULINE ADAMEK Okay, so there I was sitting in the chair of hair guru Allen Edwards, ready for my close-up.  I decided I wanted to do something completely different with my hair, so  when I heard that Edwards himself was available, I thought … [Read more...]

Classic “Gaslight” staged at Theatre West

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BY PAULINE ADAMEK First staged in Britain in 1938, Patrick Hamilton’s moody period melodrama “Gaslight” was re-titled “Angel Street” and opened on Broadway in 1941, becoming the longest-running non-musical in Broadway history. The play was … [Read more...]

The Falcon’s “Oedipus The King, Mama!” a hilarious “must see” Elvis parody

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BY PAULINE ADAMEK Are You Lonesome Tonight? Need a Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action? If so, the Troubadour Theater Company is currently performing a twisted tragedy at the Falcon Theatre that might satisfy you. Oedipus The King, Mama! … [Read more...]

Hurricane Season at The Eclectic Company Theatre

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The Bad Habit

BY PAULINE ADAMEK It’s on again! The Eclectic Company Theatre in NoHo is currently staging their sixth annual competition of short plays – Hurricane Season 2009. The festival showcases the short-list winners of their popular annual one-act play … [Read more...]

Glorious musical portraits at Pasadena Playhouse

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BY PAULINE ADAMEK Not so much a play as an evening of intersecting monologues and musical interludes, "Crowns" offers an insight into several generations of southern gentility and the female experience. This revival is currently being staged at the … [Read more...]

Cella Gallery offers Summer Group Exhibit in NoHo

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PHOTOS AND TEXT BY PAULINE ADAMEK Cella Gallery opened their doors in the NoHo Arts District just over a year ago and has managed to weather the economic storm that has engulfed us all. In addition to their current ART in REVIEW exhibition at their … [Read more...]

Bridging USA & JAPAN: Ode to Japanese Joy at Disney Hall

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BY PAULINE ADAMEK Striving for international joy and harmony through music, this summer Japanese and Japanese-American communities unite with Americans to share in a glorious musical experience. The Bridging USA and Japan Concert, featuring … [Read more...]

Creature from the Black Lagoon arrives at Universal Studios

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BY PAULINE ADAMEK Need something new to do this summer? How about meeting a gruesome creature at Universal Studios via the world's biggest traveling aquarium? Having escaped from his watery cage, the creature went on a brief rampage before being … [Read more...]

Universal Studios celebrates backlot re-opening

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BY PAULINE ADAMEK The USC marching band, a slew of famous movie “characters,” plus a champagne christening welcomed the re-opening of Courthouse Square at Universal Studios Hollywood.  A fixture on the Universal Studios backlot, the world’s … [Read more...]