Valley Inn: Special Dinners, Comfort Food, Coach Wooden and Katsuya?

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The dining room

BY KAREN YOUNG I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get tired of trendy restaurants and all the faux pretentious airs that go along with them. Molecular gastronomy, deconstructed, overpriced small plates and the like. Sometimes you just need a … [Read more...]

La Cava Shines With A Taste of Tuscany in Sherman Oaks

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Owner Armando Pucci and Chef Jesus Guterezz  PHOTOS: Karen Young

BY KAREN YOUNG UPDATE: MARCH 18 LA CAVA NOW HAS A LIQUOR LICENSE. There’s a little taste of real Italy right smack dab in Sherman Oaks at the newly opened La Cava — which starts with a warm greeting by the very charming and humorous owner, … [Read more...]