TRAVEL Destination San Mateo County: Giving San Francisco a run for the money

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Tuna tartara la costanera and Mac Park appetizers. Photos: Mary McGrath

BY MARY McGRATH I hadn’t been to the San Mateo area since my former life as a busy corporate executive. Back then, I was often too cramped to enjoy the finer nuances of travel. Now that I have the time, it’s exciting to discover these areas … [Read more...]

First Hand: Waiting For A Soldier named Sherman

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BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER I love to travel, but have always been a cowardly flyer, always relying on a glass of champagne and my St. Christopher medallion to get me safely to my destination.  As you may know, St. Christopher is the patron saint of … [Read more...]

Spa Cooking Schools: A travel foodie’s dream

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BY JENNIFER EVANS GARDNER The history of spas goes way back to ancient times, when people “took the waters” for their health.  In the seventies, when destination spas began popping up in the U.S., they were largely (pun intended) known as … [Read more...]